Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a roadtrip

I was very bad about keeping track of where I took all the photos on this trip but I am posting them in the order they were taken & now we've come to the one place I remember the name of...rapid city, south dakota:

while in town we stayed at the hotel alex johnson which is apparently haunted, a fact I was unaware of until just now when I looked up the link & I'm pretty sure we even stayed on the 8th floor!

anyhow, from the newly completed rooftop bar I was able to get a photo of the lonely dinosaur, at least I thought it was but it appears it's actually one of the creatures over at dinosaur park...either way I found it very cool to look out & see him there especially with such a pretty sunset:

the night we were in town they had closed off part of the downtown area for a festival which included live music & food tents. in addition there was a grafitti covered alleyway which that evening was full of people selling things & more live music. it felt a little bit like dueling festivals but I was able to find a tasty cupcake at one & a guy with fire at the other so I was happy:


some random guy said...

Ok, that hotel looks like it's out of "the Shining" !!

Craftcherry said...

That place looks like an awesome place to visit!