Thursday, May 19, 2011

thursday = embroidery

I am currently working on the first of two gigantic circus letters for a friend & really enjoying doing cross-stitch again!

so I wouldn't have to think {it makes my head hurt} as I went along I charted the design onto my aida fabric with a fine tipped sharpie before getting started & made all my mistakes when it was easy to cover them up with a little dab of white paint ;)

and of course I have the weekly vintage embroidery pattern for you as well:

happy stitching!


Kandra said...

What a BRILLIANT idea! The reason I don't cross stitch is because I don't like to count - I just like to go - and embroidery let's me.

I LOVE the letters... and I'm thinking I need to do a couple. Seriously. Marker. Brilliant. WhyDidn'tIThinkOfThat.

Molly D said...

cuuute pattern! i think i need to save that one for later... i wonder why its more satisfying for me to do regular hand embroidery than cross stitch. i guess it's because i like working as many stitches as i can!!!

Ms C @ HappyElastic said...

Genuius idea about the marker!

bethrecordcollector said...

I love the vintage embroidery pattern.