Thursday, March 10, 2011

thursday = embroidery

this totally cracks me up:

{part of this commercial found via the embroidery pool on flickr}

no kitty for this week's vintage embroidery pattern, rather a lovely alice brooks girl:

her skirt is meant to be crocheted, although I think applique would be cute as well...says the girl who can't are the directions if you can & want to:

happy stitching {& crocheting}!


Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

Oh the Cat commercial is so amusing! I wonder why they let the goofy cat (with the tongue) do the embroidery bit? Or does it mean it's really concentrating on it's cross stitch?

hellojeanne said...

You can also make the skirt from gathered ribbon or lace in layers:) That's what my Grandmother would do when she didn't want to make crocheted skirts. Thanks for sharing this & LOVE the cat!!

Kim B said...

cat is so funny. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Happy Weekend, Kim

Association Voice said...

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