Friday, March 25, 2011

seattle, wa - part 4

{this final post is about signs & it's the longest...just warning you.}

this trip wasn't about tracking down every old sign in the city - rather it was a chance to spend time with my sisters & see a overview of things we were all interested in. however, my sisters are great & they know how much I like signs so it was part of the agenda.

but rather than hunt for signs I decided to just happen upon them and save time for something a little different...a visit to a neon sign co. that makes new signs & repairs old ones & I'm so glad I did because it was a blast!

there were signs & letters everywhere...the guys were so nice & told us stories about the different signs, showed us photos of their work, and even gave us a demonstration. they not only do sign work but also create the individual neon pieces for modern art installations. so it was really fascinating to see the meeting of the old & the new neon work - they definitely have a love of the vintage neon and rescue old signs but at the same time they create new work that turns neon into art that is displayed in art museums. all three of us had a wonderful time there because we were each interested in different aspects of what they did so I was thrilled it turned out to be one of the highlights of the whole trip for each of us.

{have a wonderful weekend!}

p.s. just want to explain that I contacted the co. far in advance to discuss making an appointment to visit their shop - luckily the staff was kind enough to let us - this is not something one should assume a business will do though.


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Pretty!! You should visit the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati sometime (assuming that you haven't) - I think you would love it!

mixette said...

Your visit and interest probably made their day too! What a cool thing for you guys to do together.

indie said...

Thank you for all the posts from Seattle. I lived in the area for a year a few years ago, and its a great city! All the pictures brings back good memories. :)

Anonymous said...

Time to write a book.

Love the Van De Kamp sign. I remember them as a child.