Wednesday, June 2, 2010

march 1955 living for young homemakers

{copyright 1955 street & smith publications}


Retro Plants said...

can i live in all these spaces, PLEASE, pretty PLEASE!!!!
holy style, wouldn't you say?
just glorious.
i call this time. . . "the glory days of style".
so pretty and FULL of color!
i loved how they mixed and matched colors and just WENT for it. . . not like today. . . most people live in "beige town" ! ;)

Anonymous said...

They look like they could be from today, really. I love those floor tiles!

Sarah said...

I love the aqua/seafoam color of that kitchen!

suesueb said...

love the floor too!

Melissa said...

I would kill for that blue sofa! I've always been a blue and yellow girl in the kitchen. Lovely, nuff said. :)