Thursday, May 27, 2010

thursday = embroidery

I finished embroidering another custom order:

now I'm moving onto some projects for an upcoming baby shower that's not until july, so probably won't have much to share for awhile...

although you can always count on a weekly vintage pattern - this week in the immortal words of david bowie - let's dance!

and because I am a child of the 80's this is the image of david bowie that always comes to my mind first:

I'd forgotten about that muppet tossing & kicking...those pants though - those I totally remember ;)

happy stitching!


Kelli said...

Thank you for my early morning dose of Bowie! And I loved Labyrinth and watch it at least once every other month still, the soundtrack is the most played on my iPod.
Those framed pinafore dresses are amazing! What an adorable idea!

~Kelli @ Smidgens

Retro Plants said...

such pretty embroideries!
as usual :)

and Labyrinth!?!
talk about an acid trip. . .
we watched it ALL the time as kids!
love it.

Hinky HQ said...

At my house, this famous Labyrinth clip is known as "magic pants."

Geek+Nerd said...

Oh yeah, those pants are totally burned onto my childhood memory as well!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

I give a big YES to Bowie and Labyrinth. We played Magic Dance at our wedding reception, haha!

Anonymous said...

Love the little dresses. I see a possible embroidery artwork purchase in my near future!