Thursday, May 6, 2010

thursday = embroidery

I haven't been doing much stitching lately - I need to get some new projects going & finish some abandoned ones. I did do a couple custom orders though:

I love all the different word/image combinations people ask's so much fun & I'm very grateful to be part of creating something unique & personal for someone's home :)

now that I'm back to regular blogging the weekly vintage embroidery sample is back as well:

{note: while the image looks small it's actually 15" x 5" when you download it so don't be fooled}

happy stitching!


LittleRed said...

Thanks so much! I totally love this transfer pattern. It's on my list to make a pillow slip dress......and this will be along the if only I could get started!

Retro Plants said...

how VERY pretty!
i love to see what people choose too!
so thanks for sharing ;)
they are all just lovely Gina!

psst. . . glad you are back ;)

Melina said...

I love that it's in Helvetica!! I have a mild obsession with that typeface.

kari said...

Yay! There's my "home"! Got it in the mail yesterday and love love love it! Thank you! said...

I love LittleRed's idea to use it along a dress bottom. That would be perfect! Thanks so much for this, I'll be linking.

dpasmom said...

Is there crochet instructions to go with this pattern? If so I would love to have them. She is so pretty & I can't wait to make her