Thursday, February 18, 2010

thursday = embroidery

one of the custom embroidery orders I did recently was for the very sweet melissa of melissa loves - I really adore what she had them say:

on top of being incredibly nice & easy to work with she also did a post about them - {blush} I was so flattered! I especially appreciate being able to see how they look in their new home...thank you so much melissa :)

and here's the next in the series of girlie stamped linen patterns:

the little lady in this series totally reminds me of myrna loy:

star of {among many other films} mr. blandings builds his dream house which is one of my favorite movies...this scene especially cracks me up every time!


Mom Wald said...


You are so very, very right. That is the best Myrna photo ever.

Good Eye!

Drewzel said...

Yeah she does... and I love Myrna!
Another pattern to add to my MUST STITCH pile...these girlies are sooo cute!

Drewzel said...

Oh and I meant to add "Be silly. Be honest. Be kind." is one of my favourite quotes ever.