Thursday, January 28, 2010

thursday = embroidery

inspired by this diy project I made this:

I used a thin sheet of wood from michaels rather than a log slice & a connect the dot image from an old thrifted coloring book, although I opted to leave out the numbers. I added the color on the computer then used t-shirt transfer paper run through the printer to transfer the image onto the wood. I wasn't sure the transfer paper would work & in a couple places it got kind of funny because I think I got it & the wood a little too hot...but still I was pretty excited it worked at all!

and this week's vintage embroidery transfer is another of the girly stamped linen images {this one is especially cheeky I think}:

happy stitching! :)


Melissa said...

Thanks for another great post. I epecially appreciate the embroidery pattern freebies. I'm from the Chicago area and crochet among other things. Just thought I'd put that out there as you had mentioned awhie back you were interested in learning. :)

june at noon said...

There is something very funny about that pattern!

Love the embroidery. Great finished look.

mixette said...

So cute and fun. I like your version much better than the logs - crisp and clean. May have to try this myself. Were you able to poke holes with a sharp object (I have an awl from a patternmaking class) or did you have to drill holes?

The saucer looks a little peeved in that transfer!

reilly said...

So cute!! I love all of your crafts.

Our Lady of Perpetual Stitching said...

I love how you made that DIY project your own. So clever!
The China girl is quite cheeky, yes. And I love it. I am currently stitching another pattern of the many you so generously provide for us. Thank you!!

gina said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!

melissa - I'm so happy you enjoy the embroidery patterns :) sadly I am not making good on my crochet resolution's good to know you're out there if I have any questions when I do get around to it, thank you!

june - something very funny indeed, it's like she's doing a bicycle exercise with china...very strange. and thank you for your nice comments about my embroidery project :)

mixette -'re sweet, thank you! I did use a drill to make the holes. and I thought the same thing about the saucer - even though I don't think the design is supposed to look like a face it totally does!

reilly - you're too kind...I'm flattered - thank you!

lady - thank you as well :) can't wait to see what that latest project turns out like...make sure you send me a link!

Drewzel said...

Oooh I love your project... I would have loved the numbers on it too, but that's just me :P

Haven't seen that China Girl before! I am sooo going to make her...thanks xx steph