Thursday, January 21, 2010

thursday = embroidery

I made this embroidered paint by number hoop for my sweet friend wendi for xmas:

I loved that she picked that saying :)

and here's something new I tried over the weekend...a tote bag version:

{I listed this one in the shop, plus I've added a listing for custom totes in addition to the custom hoops}

and finally, this week I've got another of the vintage stamped linen embroidery designs for you:

my what big teacups she has!

happy stitching :)

p.s. little girl cat is back home & doing very well - it's so nice to have her home, I really missed cuddling with her!


sassypackrat said...

So glad to hear little kitty is back and doing well!

Mrs. Priss said...

Oh wow, those are so adorable!! I wish my friends were crafty and made me freaking cute Christmas gifts. haha

Sophie.J said...

I like the keep calm and carry on thing, kinda feel like getting one like that at my home.
Like a temper control thing to me.

Anonymous said...

Keep calm and carry on
It'll be okay

That really made my evening - I'll keep it in mind so it can make my day tomorrow, too. :)

Thank you.