Thursday, January 14, 2010

thursday = embroidery

finally finished the project I started over the holidays:

I used badbird's pattern and a thrifted vintage linen.

in other embroidery news, I was very excited to find three sets of un-stitched vintage stamped linen towels at an estate sale recently:

because they're on fabric the scanned files require quite alot of cleaning so it will take me awhile to get them all done, but I think it's worth it...I just love the style of the illustrations!

happy stitching :)

ps. wow - thank you everyone for your sweet comments about the necklace, I'm so happy you liked it!


Katy said...

What luck to find the unstitched stamped towels! How fun!

Laura-IH said...

Wow oh wow!! The Badbird cow is gorgeous! I am in awe!

Anonymous said...

I love badbird. What do you use to tint the embroidery? I'm having trouble with that - fabric crayons don't have enough colors, real crayons smear, watercolor pencils run . . .

Can't wait to see your teatowels done! I love finding vintage un-finished stamped embroidery.


reilly said...

How on earth do you do it?! The finished project is so beautiful!

Nancy said...

What a great find! And, thanks for sharing this fun design.

I have never been to Thanks for sharing the site!

Andrea said...

You know, for a while, know one purchased The Bovine Beauty pattern. This made me sad. It's one of my favorites.
Then in the last year several people have stitched it up. I love it!
Your version is absolutely fabulous and very unique!

Tam said...

I like how you have used a found printed hanky for the back of your design - and what a strong image

gina said...

thank you all for leaving such nice comments!

Andrea - I'm beyond flattered, thank you!

Karen - I used t-shirt transfer paper run through my printer to get the color & design for her head transferred onto white fabric. I buy it at the craft store - it's on the expensive side so I buy it when I can use a coupon. I hope that helps :)

Zane Wooder said...

I'd love beautiful napkins like this because then I can respect the cow I'm eating. Wait am I being respectful by wiping my month with a napkin that has a cow on it?

-Zane of ontario honey