Wednesday, October 28, 2009

he-man hand knits

from the introduction:

the first important step in knitting for a man is to be sure to choose a style he'll like. this book is chock full of the styles men want today, smart new continental styles, from giant bulky knits to the tremendously popular turtle necks. they're all here, he-men styles from the world's leading centers of fashion in clear, easy-to-follow instructions, each quick and easy to make.

and then there it is on page 14, the he-manliest hand knit of them all...the belted sweater!

or as they call it "belted interest no. 6305"

images & text copyright 1961 bernhard ulmann company

{confused about my interest in belted sweaters? take a look at this post to see where it all started}


Anonymous said...

Love the pipe in the first pic...reminds me of some old children's books we got from my grandfather's house recently. In every picture, the dad is smoking a pipe! My, how times have changed.

Becky said...

Oh lordy! I'm laughing and rolling my eyes. Neither my He-Man Hubby nor He-Man sons would be caught dead in any of those styles! Heehee

Vivi said...

Okay, nevermind the awesomeness that is this fashion - I can't think of a single guy who would wear a sweater this warm and wooly. Do you think it was just colder in the 70s?

Geek+Nerd said...

Oh dear goodness...the two colorwork sweaters in the second photo. a) that would take ages to knit and b) after spending half a year on them I would be crushed when my he-men family members inevitably wouldn't touch them, HAHAHA.

Laura-IH said...

Thanks to you, I also have an interst in belted sweaters! That one looks especially smart worn over that striped shirt! Rowr! ; )