Tuesday, September 8, 2009

pilgrimage to pratt

I continued the sign treasure hunt this past weekend & took a drive to pratt, ks to go to donald's serva-teria:

{I had lunch there but didn't take any photos inside because it was pretty busy - here's a link though if you'd like to see some interior shots.}

along the way I found some other interesting things:

additional photos here & a handy way to find signs in your state here.


june at noon said...

They're all great, although I have to say I love the one with the two doors the most!

Laura-IH said...

Oh, man! I would LOVE to have lunch at a Servateria Smorgasbord! I would!

jan said...

I love the signs! A few weeks after the Greensburg tornado, we were there to put my Mom's ashes in my Dad's grave in Greensburg. We stayed in Pratt and ate at the Serv-a-teria every day! I am guessing that the sewing machine was at the 'flea market' in Wellsford? I have never stopped there, but it is the condition that I imagine most of the stuff is probably in!

Anonymous said...

super neato. i loooove old signs and well, pretty much all old stuff! i enjoy your website so much. thank you for sharing so much beauty!