Thursday, August 27, 2009

thursday = embroidery

I haven't been doing much in the way of crafting lately...when I haven't been too busy I've been too lazy. I did make two aprons for a newly 2 year old boy who had a cooking themed birthday party last weekend:

I do love that aisle at the craft store with all the iron-on was all I could do not to cover every inch of them both in random patches & letters!

okay, this is going to seem out of left field, but give me a minute & you'll see this does have to do with embroidery - have I ever confessed my love of the accordian before?

growing up my sisters taught me how to polka when I was little & I remember my brother-in-law playing the anniversary waltz at family gatherings - but then I got older & sort of drifted away into '80s techno & other types of music. but then I saw the magical amelie and my love of the accordian was happily rekindled.

lately I've been thinking I'd like to try to learn how to play so will have to keep an eye open when thrifting to see if I can find one...I have a good feeling I will, after all I found this vintage embroidery transfer recently:

happy stitching!


Martha said...

Growing up in Oklahoma and Kansas in the 50's and 60's, there were lots of big old dance halls -- some in the towns, and many more in the country. Although by that time, rock & roll bands would sometimes play there, they also featured polka groups. The polka dances were great fun with whole families showing up and everyone dancing together -- moms with grandmas, grandpas with grandchildren. The music and the dance are so lively -- I can certainly understand the appeal of learning to play the accordion. I have the same feeling about the steel guitar.

My daughter, Emily, and I both love the movie Amelie and the wonderful soundtrack album.

Alyssa said...

You are not alone in your love of the accordian! My mom and uncle played when they were kids and even got trophies! Before my Grandpa died, my mom would play Christmas songs for the whole family on her accordian and we would all sing along. He wanted her to play every year. She doesn't play that much anymore, but maybe I can get her to play for me and my sister this Christmas!

gina said...

thank you both for your wonderful accoridan stories Martha & Alyssa!

I hope you get your mom to play this christmas Alyssa - I love the idea of that as a tradition :)