Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a 3 minute 25 second road-trip

there is nothing like that moment, at the start of a road-trip, when you pull out of the gas station with a full tank of gas, cold drink, snacks & great music* playing.

I love that moment.

sparks flea market from g. on Vimeo.

{* more about the expassionates here}


Muddlepud said...

Great collection! My favorites: the aqua door with the white curtains, the dachshund, and the fabrics (what were they, shawls? blankets?) hanging on the line. You have a great eye for color and composition.

ittybittybirdy said...

really fascinating collection of images. Must have been quite an adventure. I love the John Deere pic. And and trailer with the signs.
Chelsea Ann

Jill said...

Love the photo of the dandelions & tractor, the dolls on the dark blue, the locks & the cowboy cutout riding up the hill. Your photos are amazing!!!

Steve Haskamp said...

LOVE the amazing photos. They are cropped so beautifully and have a great mood to them.