Monday, March 16, 2009


I've always loved that was on this weekend so I watched it; thinking about how it reminds me of my loud but loving italian family, and how much that young nicholas cage looks like my guy when we met in college.

this weekend I bought that guy of mine, who sang me "moonlight becomes you" while walking one moonlit night through campus, this at an estate sale:

I know you never became the secret agent astronaut you wanted to be when you were a little boy babe, but you made me feel like the moon was there just for me that night and that's something pretty special.

there are so many great quotes in the movie but this one says it all "aw, ma, I love him awful"


Jill said...

I love that movie too! I think my favorite part was the ridiculous Cinderella makeover on Cher. She looked beautiful waiting for her date in front of the Metropolitan opera house.

Anonymous said...

smile! i love that story.

Anonymous said...

oops i'm not anonymous. i'm jen and that's my comment above :)

Katie Runnels said...

my favorite too! i love your find! You are so lucky to have a, "huh, sweetie?!" (my fave line) xo

Joshua Jiraffe Designs said...

one of my all time fav movies!
How cute...a secret agent wonder you fell for him!