Monday, March 30, 2009


for good & generous friends who spoiled me during my birthday weekend in KC :)

a specially commissioned piece by the lovely & talented tammy smith:

perfect for me earrings & bowl from anthropologie:

and I gave myself a day off from work to go thrifting:

thanks again for all your sweet comments about my birthday & tattoo - I'm so grateful for them as well!


Gina said...

Somewhere along the way I missed that you are a Missouri girl. No wonder I heart your blog so much! ;-) I'd suggest we meet up and go thrifting together but I know from experience friends should NOT do that LOL My friends and I have had to play rock paper scissors to decide who gets what sometimes :-)

Michelle said...

You and I have such similar taste as believe it or not, I almost bought that picture! It's from the DAV on North Oak, right? I'm the one that almost bought the crewel picture from Urban Mining. That is just too funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi there just wanted to say happy late b-day ~ your blog is new to me & I love it- especially your new tattoo! thanks for the eye candy!~SusieQ

gina said...

hi gina {did you know - that's my name too?!} - we're originally from the east coast but have lived in MO & KS at different times and for a total of almost 5 years now, off and on :) and I agree, thrifting with friends can be dangerous territory!

yes michelle - that's exactly where I got the portrait, how funny!

welcome susie - hope you'll come again soon :)