Friday, December 19, 2008

xmas earrings

at an estate sale awhile ago I bought this very cute dish:

at the same estate sale I also bought a pair of vintage glass buttons which I turned into xmas earrings:

{I love how they look together}

I was very proud of myself when I figured out how to get around the the issue of that bump on the back of the buttons & thought I would share it with you:

{half of a toggle clasp from the jewelry making section of the craft store}

I tried to take a photo of me wearing them...this was the best I could do:

have a wonderful weekend!


ShellyRaeWood said...

What a great way to solve that dilemma!! I'll be using that one for sure!! Awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing!! :::smiles::: Shelly

Anonymous said...

I have a wonderful pair of clip-on earrings which I would love to make into either pierced dangle earrings, or posts. I just can't figure out how to get the clip part off of them. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Those are so fantastic! I have so many buttons I covet, earring would be a lovely solution to using them regularly, thanks for that!

gina said...

glad I could help ShellyRaeWood & joanie - happy earring making!

Merry - I've found its usually pretty easy to remove the clip mechanism with a little elbow grease & needlenose pliers. but you do have to be careful since sometimes the base of the clip is part of how the earring is kept together. sorry I can't be more helpful...good luck!