Monday, December 8, 2008

holiday mantle

I had a really nice weekend thrifting with friends {hi patty & jill!} in kansas city.

one of the items I bought was a crewel tree which I used as the centerpiece for this year's holiday mantle:

the flocked trees were an after xmas clearance purchase last year at walmart & the bunny was a summer thrift purchase painted green by my visiting sister {hi sue!}.

more weekend photos to come...


Brook said...

I love the cruel tree!! I love looking at all your wonderful vintage finds... I wish we had half the stuff you find where I live!

Michelle said...

I live in KC and I swear I almost bought that picture! Did you by chance get it at the Urban Mining sale? I am now filled with regret that I didn't buy it!

gina said...

awww, thank you Brook - you're sweet!

yes Michelle, I did get the crewel tree at Urban Mining - that is so funny! I don't usually pay vintage retail for things but I had seen a similar tree online & told myself that if I ever came across it myself I would get it no matter what!