Friday, October 10, 2008

repurposed ring

the other day I was looking for a ring to wear & I rediscovered one I had repurposed this spring, so I thought I’d share it today:

I bought the original ring at one of those evil big box stores on clearance – sorry no before photo.

first I popped out the existing plastic “stone” & cut a piece of fabric to fit around it. then I just used glue…I think it was modge podge…to secure it to the “stone”. here’s a photo of the inside that kind of shows how haphazardly I did it:

I used epoxy to attach the fabric covered piece into the ring setting.

wearing it, I realized I didn’t know what would happen if it got wet…probably nothing good. so you could be lazy like me & just leave it as is {and always try to remember to take it off when you wash your hands!} or figure out a way to add a protective coating of something-or-other.

have a great weekend - hope its full of lots of stitching & thrifting...or whatever floats your personal boat!


Muddlepud said...

What a pretty ring! I honestly would not have thought to repurpose something like that, but it's a great effect!

Amy said...

So cute!

bettyninja said...

great idea! I love it said...

That is straight up genius, I love it! My husband and I are also oohing and awwing over your kitty post-the title and the picture!

Dani said...

What a great idea.