Wednesday, October 22, 2008

for the record

looking for some new artwork for your home? old records are cheap & plentiful - I guarantee that there is a large selection of them at a thrift store near you right at this very minute.

I think it would be fun to do a whole wall of framed records so I've started to pick them up here & there when they strike my fancy:

I found these 3 at two different stores & just love how they work together...I need to do some research to see if there are more in the series:

I was also excited to find this one, illustrated by the brilliant Mary Blair:


Lorilee said...

Wow, they have great graphics. My husband and I still have our old album collections on the top shelf of the closet!

Anonymous said...

Oh I used to have a bunch with that same dream! Alas, no more. Love to JJ cover.

Emily said...

I love the "It's a Small World" album cover. My kids adored that ride at Disney.

Brook said...

AHHHH I need the "its a small world" one!!! so darn cute!

Cass said...

I think I have that It's a Small World one. Here's another idea for them

Anonymous said...

I saw somewhere a little while back, someone had taken old vinyl records and melted them then reshaped them to make funky bowls. You could still use the covers for wall art. Double duty!