Wednesday, September 17, 2008

wednesday = books

I bought today's book last weekend at one of the estate sales I visited. I thought the illustrations would be wonderful embroidered:

title: The Wizard of Oz
author: L. Frank Baum
illustrator: Leonard Weisgard
copyright: 1944 by The Bobbs-Merrill Co. / illustrations MCMLV by Nelson Doubleday, Inc.


Kristi said...

Oooh, what a great find! I bet you could come up with some amazing embroidery. :)

Anonymous said...

noooooooo, not the flying monkeys!

Lorilee said...

I was a pretty "weenie" child. I found The Wizard of Oz too scarey! I've outgrown that now! haha!

Violette Crumble said...

What a great idea. My dad collects the vintage Frank Oz books and he's impossible to buy presents for. I'm going to embroider one of these for him for X-mas.

You seriously should start selling full time on ebay. You find the best stuff ever.

Melanie O said...

Great find - you're right, the drawings would make wonderful embroidery!

Claire said...

That's fab - I love Wizard of Oz (have you read Wicked - it's the alternate story of the Wicked witch?)and these would look fab embroidered. Great find!

AJ Bindel said...

Ok, this is just fabulous! I am a huge OZ fan, and you bet your buns I'm going to put these images in my embroidery to do pile. Thanks again, G!! <3