Wednesday, September 3, 2008

wednesday = books

today's book previously made an appearance on the blog here for thrifted monday.

title: Circus Alphabet
illustrator: Patric Hudson
Publisher: Witman Publishing Co.
Copyright: MCMLIV

thanks to everyone's who has voted so far in the xmas poll - I'm so excited to see that many of you are interested! if you haven't voted I hope you'll take a minute & do so. {quick recap: I'm starting to think about handmade xmas gifts & so I wondered if anyone would be interested in me adding examples of my vintage xmas magazines, books & coloring books to the weekly schedule here on the blog...}


Jessie said...

I have this one, too - I love it!

Patty said...

I love this book! And, I vote yes to adding your vintage Xmas stuff to your blog.

valerie said...

these illustrations make my heart sing! i'm a sucker for alphabet books, especially vintage ones...

vintage christmas stuff? of course!

Bettina said...

Beautiful! Any chance you could post the 'M' ? I would very much appreciate it as I'm planning a circus baby shower for baby-on-the-way Max and Id Love to decorate with it!


Congrats on the wonderful blog, keep up the uniqueness!