Thursday, September 18, 2008

thursday = embroidery

the thrill of the win...the agony of the loss.

of course I'm talking about ebay.

I won a great tri-chem lot the other day & when it came it was even better than I expected which made me so giddy I can't tell you!

but then I lost a 3lb lot of embroidery transfers. I don't bid much anymore on embroidery transfers on ebay because they go so high. I guess if I didn't spend money thrifting I could justify it, but that's just crazy talk because I could never not thrift!

so I try to not even look, but sometimes I can't help myself...

anyhow, these slightly naughty girlies were in the lot & I'm curious if anyone knows if there are more in the series & if there is a source online:

now we'll go from naughty to nice for today's embroidery transfer:

while quickly flipping through one of the tri-chem booklets I saw these & just loved them so had to share them asap!


Anonymous said...

most excellent score! Any chance of a peak at that Holiday pattern next Tuesday?

Nix Muse said...

Those naughty girls are beautiful!!! I also love that package that says "FULL COLOR TRANSFER PATTERN!"

AJ Bindel said...

Thank you so much for sharing the Hansel & Gretel patterns. I can't wait to stitch them up!

The naughty girls look a lot like the ones on Needlecrafter. The Pin-ups on page 3 under "People."

Don't you think the faces look similar?

sally said...

I love those embroideries. I am so impressed with what you are able to find when you thrift. You must live in a bigger place than Boise ID.

Jessie said...

Gina - I have those sassy ladies!
and here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing the Hansel & Gretel patterns, they are SO cute!!!

Online bidding gets pretty stressful sometimes!!

Laura-IH said...

Thanks for sharing. The Hansel and Gretel look like they will be fun to stitch! : )

Treasuresofjoy said...

Thanks for the Hansel and Gretal. I finally finished these and plan on making a pillow with them!