Monday, September 29, 2008

monday = thrifted

thanks for all the nice comments on the photos - I'm so flattered you liked them!

I was never that into photography until I started this seems like it's a natural evolution since I see many other bloggers have had the same experience. In fact, this weekend I bought this beautiful photo from jennifer. and am so excited to see that the lovely bettyninja has a new etsy shop for her photos!

so, in addition to reading blogs & wistfully looking at etsy I also did some estate sale shopping:

oh, this weekend I also entered the make baby stuff quilt contest - wish me luck!
{I'm so glad I didn't look at any of the other submission before I entered or I would have chickened out since they're all amazing!}

p.s. I'm posting some individual pattern photos on flickr if you're interested...I found some great little girl ones I had to share.


bettyninja said...

Thanks so much Doe! Nice finds too, as always :)

bettyninja said...

P.S. Good luck! I think your baby quilt is wonderful

sally said...

Your thrifting amazes me and has made me want to go back out there and find stuff. I just hate going out there with two kids too. Guess I'll just have to tough it out.

* elizabeth * said...

good luck. I love it!

Julie said...

I always love seeing your recent finds and thanks for the links to two great photographers.

superminx said...

I love your little kitschy bead girl. I make some like that myself from time to time. They're nearly impossible to take good photos of though. You've done well.

Anonymous said...

You sure got a bunch of wonderful treasures! I just love that kind of stuff.

p.s. - I think your contest entry is darling!