Wednesday, August 27, 2008

wednesday = books

Today's book is:

title: Read-Along Kindergarten Stories
publisher: Wonder Books Inc.
copyright: 1957
illustrator: Elizabeth Dauber


Leah said...

The giraffe-maypole is too cute!
I just found an adorable children's book about a farm at the flea market that I'm going to post tomorrow. Some of your illustrations remind me of it.

Patty said...

I was going to mention the giraffe as may pole too. I love it. Those illustrations are all terrific. What a great find.

Unknown said...

I'm so in love with all of these. My favorite is the owl and the pussycat - I'm thinking of incorporating something owl and pussycat-like into my next art project. Thanks for the inspiration!!

amy and the bad cats said...

i lurve these animal illustrations, especially the squirrel! i may have to embroider him soon.

Anonymous said...

loving the owl and the pussy cat too! i've used a couple of your old posts to make some embroidered pictures, hope you like them!