Thursday, May 29, 2008

thursday = embroidery

I have no completed embroidery project to share with you today. In addition to being behind on my crafting I am also behind on returning emails, leaving comments on other people’s lovely blogs, catching up on all the cool stuff on flickr & just mostly everything!

I will not even go into how I am behind on working out to shrink my actual behind…

I need to do some serious focusing this weekend. To-do lists must be made and adhered to!

But first I think I’ll have some cheese…yes, this mood will definitely be improved with some cheese.

Since I cannot offer you cheese here instead is today’s embroidery pattern, cow-kitties!

Ride ‘em cow-kitty!

{p.s. have a good evening}


Heather said...

oh, those are seriously CUTE!!

AJ Bindel said...

Well aren't those just the cutest darn kittens you ever did see?

Thanks for sharing this, G.

I know how you feel about being so behind on everything. Good luck with the lists this weekend!

Anonymous said...

we are all about kitties at our house, but I'm finding those a wee bit, disturbing. Or something. I think it's the cowboy boots. hmmm.

Claire said...

Now I am not normally a fan of cowboys, but I will make an exception for these cuties! Don't worry about being behind - we all are sometimes, we're human beings, not humam doings! xx

elizabeth said...

oh i love the lil cowboy kitties!
i have got to learn how to embroider.

its on my extra large to*do list.

Claudia said...

oh, these are so darn cute!
i'm so in love with the last two.
being behind is the story of my life! however, everything does feel better with queso {cheese} :)

Bobby La said...

Yi Ha!!
Thanks for sharing!

kristenn73 said...

Do you have the banjo kitty one? It's the only one I don't have.