Wednesday, April 23, 2008

wednesday = books

Today, in addition to my regular book post, I wanted to mention a couple interesting things I found recently:

inspired ideas

wooden hanger pals

ondori embroidery for children book on ebay

Really cute kid’s stuff {via mamanjack}

I love the constant gatherer’s wreaths so much…especially these with the birds on branches, so lovely – sigh.

This curios shelf

Okay, now onto the book of the day:

Title: Easy Embroidery
Publisher: Ondori
Copyright: 1971

I find the title a little deceptive since, like with all the Ondori embroidery books, the stitching is amazingly detailed & far from easy to achieve!

Someone commented recently that they saw the $200 Ondori books on Amazon, as have I – crazy! Needless to say I have never paid anything close to that for any of my Ondori books – I swear honey!

Thanks for all your comments about fabric day – I’m glad you enjoy it! I’m not sure what I’m going to do but for now I’ll keep things as they are & if I’m having an especially busy time in life I might substitute "neat things" links for fabrics now & again.


Claire said...

The embroideries are so cute, and look simple. Til you come to stitch them that is. Love the colours used - so pretty.

steviewren said...

Ah, the birds in the nest are so cute. I love that. I like the chickens too.

superminx said...

Hi, I found your blog via the vintage fabric pool on flickr. I love the ondori books, but have never embroidered anything from them. Are they really hard? andi.

busymum100 said...


I used to own a copy of this book until I lost it to termites *cry* !

I like your blog. I would love to embroider again but time is so limited....

Thank you for a lovely blog!