Monday, April 7, 2008

monday = thrifted

I’m so excited to share two projects I finished this weekend…but I can’t! They’re gifts & I want to keep them secret until they’re given. But I couldn’t not tell you…how silly is that?!

What I can share with you is a new puppy who has come to live at our house:

He was a gift from a dear friend and he makes me so happy!

The picture was bought at a library sale and is one of many pictures we’ve collected of Paris.

I don’t know if you’re sick to death of me going on about SouleMama’s little quilts yet, but if you’re not & want to see them go here.

I stayed up far too late last night finishing the stitching on one of the before-mentioned projects so just a short post today. Hope you had a nice weekend!

p.s. thanks for all the nice comments on the weekend photos, it was so nice to get out and take them, much more fun then all the raking that had to be done to the lawn!


Anonymous said...

cute puppy! but i can't figure out of he is very small or very big?! what a nice friend you have :0)

* elizabeth * said...

Aaahhh! he's adorable! How do you always thrift such nice art. I never find much of anything in that department. You lucky little thing.
And something totally selfish I have to tell you: I check all my favourite blogs in the a.m. and when I get bored at night I go and click around again, so I LOVE that you're updating after work. Yeah, selfish, I know, But you make my day.

Claudia said...

that looks like a beautiful painting of paris :)

gina said...

Hi cate - puppy is about 18" tall and 23" long, thanks for asking!

Hi elizabeth - nice artwork is very hard to find, I agree. Lately I have not found any...this painting I bought about 4 years ago. Also, I'm glad you enjoy my posting in the evening - I would probably get alot more done after work if I posted in the morning and got it out of the way but then I'd have to get up earlier & who wants that?!

Thank you claudia! I wonder if its possible to do a bad painting of paris?!

Pintoo said...

lovely puppy.. wts it made of.. any idea where i can get it?