Friday, April 18, 2008

friday = misc.

Are you as happy its Friday as I am?!

I went to Michaels recently for something else but then found some fun wood letters and created this project around that.

I didn’t do a tutorial – sorry, but I will direct you to this wonderful one by danielle. The only difference is that I paint the wood plaque prior to adding the paper {or fabric in danielle’s case}.

I created the brown shape on the computer, then printed it out on a heavy matte paper. The green polka dot ribbon is just stapled to the back. And the flower I bought a long time ago, at a scrapbooking store I think, and provided it to be placed on top of the nail head to sort of finish the whole thing off.

Okay – that’s all I’ve got for today…hope you have a wonderful weekend!

{On a side note: I’m not good with the whole tutorial thing…I can barely get projects done around here, let alone thinking far enough ahead to photograph each step. It takes quite a bit of time to scan & photograph the things I do post so I’m afraid that I do not plan on adding tutorials to the mix anytime soon – so sorry, but hope you understand! If you have a specific question about something feel free to email me & I will try to answer your question though.}


Claire said...

The plaque is lovely - I love green and brown together. I keep thinking of maybe doing atutorial but I wonder what hasn't already been done, and also I barely manage to regularly blog let alone photograph everything I do... Have a great weekend x

bettyninja said...

Your project turned out wonderful!

I had a rummaging weekend let me tell you!! I haven';t taken all the photos yet but- scores, scores, scores.