Wednesday, March 12, 2008

wednesday = books

Thanks everyone for your comments of sewing support & tag thank yous! I’m probably not nearly as hopeless a case as I made myself out to be when it comes to sewing. I know however, that my issues are mostly mental, so it was very helpful to hear others have similar feelings.

Today, in honor of the coming of spring & all the Robins suddenly in our neighborhood during our morning walks, our book is:

Title: Hi, Mister Robin
Author: Alvin Tresselt
Illustrator: Roger Duvoisin
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co.
Copyright: 1950

I bought this book last weekend for 10 cents at the thrift store. I love the style, colors & compositions of the illustrations so much!

I also wanted to share this page from the April/May issue of PaperCrafts that I found inspiring:

I can’t believe tomorrow is embroidery day already – this week is a blur!

{I haven’t forgotten about being tagged – I think I’ll save it for Friday}


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Wow, that was ten cents well spent! What a lovely little book.

Amy said...

I love vintage children's books, the pictures are so beautiful. You have inspired me to expand my collection.

Claire said...

The illustrations are gorgeous -would look great on some kids t shirts.. That is such a bargain!

* elizabeth * said...

that book is precious. i have a vintage children's book addiction. our house is overrun with them. and those embroidery hoops are fab. one photo looks a lot like my aunt cherri.

Heather said...

I love that last illustration from Hi Robin! the blossoms and the robin...yumm!

Catalyst Of Calamity said...

I am now on the hunt for "Hi Robin"! What a beautiful book and my yard is full of robins and robin's nests and baby robins all spring long so it's just perfect for me.

gina said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed the book images!

Victoria said...

Beautiful book. I especially love the illustration of the robin against the blue sky. I am always on the look out for old children's books, they are magical!