Tuesday, March 4, 2008

tuesday = fabric

Had some technical difficulties yesterday that prevented me from posting as usual...oops!

So Monday's thrifted photo first:

I bought these duck decoys {there's a pair, a male & female} at the local thrift store this past summer. They were just so quirky and something I've never seen before at a thrift store so I had to get them! They were $4 each. The clocks back there are vintage school clocks we picked up awhile go, at some point we'd like to re-wire them and use them.

Now for fabric:

There are a couple more on flickr if you'd like to check them out.

Hate to post & run but its been a crazy day - see you tomorrow for book day!


AJ Bindel said...

I'm loving all the fabrics for this week! I'm especially fond of the cute blue print. It would make a nice desktop wallpaper!

bettyninja said...

Yeah, we missed you Monday. That is the only thing with a schedule--is all your readers are like "thrifted post, thrifted post." Anyhoo, love your fun photo of the decoy. The angle shows off his really wonderful beak. Such a Cutie

Anonymous said...

the red/white fabric is amazing. i love all of the vintage little prints, though!

Sarah and Jack said...

Gah! You thrifted that fabric? (I am new here and not that far back in your archives yet.)

It is gorgeous.