Monday, March 10, 2008

monday = thrifted

Did you have a nice weekend? Did you accomplish everything you hoped you would? If you shared something you did over the weekend on your blog, please put a link in a comment today – I think it would be fun to see what everyone did!

So the results are in & it was a tight finish but you think the owl should be orange {with 20 votes}, just slightly behind were green {18} & blue {17}. I actually didn’t vote & neither did the guy, although we’ve discussed it…probably more in-depth than a decision like this warrants! Thanks everyone for voting - I'm so excited to think there are 73 people out there who took the time to vote {& actually come to the blog}! I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me! It will be a little while before I can show you the final mantel since I still need to collect more animals – which brings me to thrifting!

I had some good luck thrifting this weekend. I was able to find some more animals to paint but I still need a nice big squirrel & a deer. I seriously will not be able to sleep really well until I’ve found them…this is how I get, sad – I know! {there are a couple more photos on my flickr}

I did find two amazing gnomes though!

I also completed a project on Sunday for a sweet, pudgy-cheeked baby boy I know. I bought these wood animals at Michaels awhile ago {by the way, they have totally re-vamped their jewelry making section & are featuring some really fun items with a vintage feel called “Lost & Found”} and this weekend I finally got around to altering them.

When I saw them I thought they would look so cute with patterned paper covering them so I bought two sheet of paper {K & Co.} and paint to match {I was lucky to find colors right out of the bottle that worked so I didn’t have to mix}. After taking the wheels off I painted the edges, glued on the paper, cut around the shape with an exacto & glued the wheels back on.

Unfortunately they are completely decorative since I didn’t seal them & I wasn’t clever enough to figure out how to get the wheels to work after breaking the little wooden dowels that connected the wheels. But I still think they came out pretty cute. I hope baby L. likes them…

Okay, that’s I’ll I’ve got today so I'm going to leave you with 3 other thrifted purchases - Larry, Moe & Curly {creepy or cool? I'm still trying to decide. I think they might work best in a kid's room, then they'd be cute. Right now, in our living room, they're a little creepy}:

{The raccoon totally reminds me of a book I had when I was little that had a raccoon on the cover and the whole book was in the shape of a raccoon. I think it was a golden book...anyone else remember that one?}


Anonymous said...

I think I am having thrifting withdrawals. Those finds are fantastic. And for what it is worth I think the raccoon-shaped pillow is cute, but the other two are decidedly creepy. But in a good, cheesy, strange way. :)
One thing I got done this weekend:

Sarah and Jack said...

I love the wooden animals.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, I'm leaning toward creepy, but in a good way. The conversation starter way. And your wooden animals are so cute.

Anonymous said...

I had a pretty productive weekend... finished a toy and made 2 pincushions. I also went antiquing, though I came home with only pictures to share (some of which I posted on my site).

I also wanted to tell you that I registered for a contest on Sew, Mama, Sew! and linked to your site as something cool I'd seen lately. Then, much to my surprise, I received an email today saying I won (the prize being a yard of pretty fabric)! I thought you might like to know. :)

mamaduck27 said...

I've been lurking for awhile, but had to jump in and say I had that raccoon pillow when I was little!!! I had forgotten all about it. Thanks for a happy thought!

Kathi D said...

I blogged about my weekend--not productive, but interesting!

* elizabeth * said...

I'm alwaus so jealous of your thrift finds. And those toys are adorable. the colours are great. I think the animals are cool, not creepy. They make me think country kitchen.

bettyninja said...

Wow so much goodness in one post I don't know where to begin. Bummer on the color for the owls- I was really pulling for the blue. I should have rigged it. Ah well. I cannot believe how great those gnomes are. I am going to have to add that to my hunt list. Yes, I am starting a hunt list with all the things that I in search of at rummages and such.

Okay, this is going to be a huge comment, but we have this mountain bike trail nearby that is called the gnome trail. It is very twisty and turny and soft with years and years of pine needles layers. Why is it the gnome trail? because sometimes when you turn a corner you might just catch a glimpse of a gnome. I am going to search for more junky looking gnomes and plant em out there. I might even move them around on a weekly basis just to keep the other mountain bikers on their toes.

Your wooden toy project is so cute and simple. I love it

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Oh! I think I had that Little Golden Book too, but I can't remember which one it was. As soon as I saw your raccoon, it reminded me of a book illustration, and I feel like we must be thinking of the same book.

I mostly worked all weekend (boo!), but my husband made a macro photo studio for me out of cardboard and tissue paper. I'm in love! I'm getting some amazing pictures in that little thing. There are a few examples on my blog. I just wish that posting them didn't compromise the quality to so much.

Unknown said...

Love love love the wooden animals!! As far as the pillows, the raccon is definitely cute, the other two are most creepy :)

gina said...

I have to say, the raccoon is my favorite!

I love that people here & on flickr have commented that they had a pillow like one of them when they were little!

And I'm so glad someone else remembered that book {sometimes you start to wonder if maybe you made up half your childhood memories!}

Its been fun going to websites & seeing what you did over the weekend too!

I LOVE the idea of a gnome trail with actual gnomes...that is so cute!

You guys are so fun - thanks for leaving comments!

Heather said...

LOVE the wood animals- they turned out so cute! Even if they can't be played with think how cute they will be on a bookshelf!

Anonymous said...

the paper-covered wooden animals are precious! makes me wish i knew some kids so i could have a reason to make some. note that i didn't say it makes me want to HAVE kids so i could have a reason to make them! i didn't finish any projects this weekend, but i did sand, prime and paint a first coat of whiter on a hutch that i'm moving from bedroom book and "stuff" storage to dining room china and houseware storage. also sanded and primed a dark brwon chest that i'm repainting white to match the hutch and moving to the dining room for more storage there.