Friday, March 28, 2008

friday = misc.

Congratulations Katherine {of kittens lost her mittens} - you are Thursday’s winner! {your blog giveaway must have given you good random number generator karma!}

{ please remember that overseas comments are closed}

I’m so glad to read in your comments that you guys pop in here & that you are enjoying the blog. I’m especially happy to hear that so many of you share my interest in embroidery & was really amazed at how many people commented! {You know I expect you to comment more often now that I know you’re out there…} I wish I could send you all something!

Since Friday is a Misc. day I tried to put together a mix of stuff for today’s giveaway:

I had yet another duplicate of that book – it scares me what lurks in the dark corners of our home! Petunia is another duplicate, some more fabric, another practice embroidery I did, some fun buttons and a plain felt bag ready to be made into something.

And I saved my favorite color for today’s ring:

I’m sad that Embroidery week is coming to an end. I’d like to thank Floresita & Pip for the genius idea & coordinating everything – thank you!

As usually Friday is the day I am running the latest so I have to dash – I will post today’s winner Saturday morning & next week we’ll be back to our regular posting schedule. Happy Friday…now where are the car keys?!


Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Oh, thank you! That's so exciting!!

Today's stuff all looks great, too (I love that book, 'Petunia').

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Wow. This one for me is the best one yet. You pick out the perfect things to give away. Thank you so much for your week of giveaways....very sweet!


Unknown said...

Yep misc has been my favorite day!

artsymomma @ gmail . com

Average Jane Crafter said...

I love seeing these books! I actually have the BH&G book, and I love it.

And yes, as I recently posted on a Flickr image: Give it up for aqua. Best. Color. Ever. I painted the walls in my sewing room/office this color and loooooooooooove it.

Hooray for a week of embroidery love!

Vanessa said...

Those buttons are adorable. I never find cute stuff like that. I'm so jealous.

Kate said...

Petunia is a fantastic book and I'm loving all the cute embroidery patterns this week! Great misc. selection, you are oh so generous!


michelle michael said...

this has been such a fun week! thank you... and you are right we should comment more often. have a great day!

AJ Bindel said...

Oh, Petunia looks like a cutie, and those buttons! Eee! They look really sweet. I love the color of that ring! Hope you have a great weekend!

Sue Cahill said...

What a fun assortment. Thanks again for the chance to win, maybe today will be my lucky day.
(sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Leah said...

The ring is really beautiful! And I love all of the misc. stuff!
Thanks for doing this!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like another fun day! After I first saw your Better Homes and Gardens book, I searched for it on Ebay to no avail. But here's my chance!

Love the elephant pattern... I think I'll be using that one for Baby Brother (who is due anytime over the next month!).

kristena12180 at hotmail dot com

lisa said...

oooh! How sweet! LOVE those buttons and the little felt bag. And that ring! *faints*

T h a n k s!


Pintoo said...

Giveaway items looks gr8. This week i dint have to wait till evening to read your days post as the posts were in the morning.

bindu dot np at gmail dot com

Candace said...

oh goodness gracious. such great stuff today. i love that favorite color too. :)

Anonymous said...

Those buttons are adorable!

I've never head of Petunia, but it looks adorable! My Nieces would LOVE it!

laurel [at] hotstitchbaby [dot] com

Anonymous said...

the embroidery sample with the blue bird is darling! i always am so anxious to read your thrifted mondays blog, but your other days, too. i'm so glad i stumbled across your blog!

Jodie | Velour said...

I'm checking back here for the first time in a long time - and boy I'm glad I did! A giveaway! And some sweet prizes too! :) And I love embroidery, so this is exciting!
Thanks for the giveaway.o0

Sharon said... time embroidery month?...this has been fun

jordynn said...

I also have that BH&G book--it must have been a popular one. It's full of great kitschy projects though!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving everything in this post! I think you're a genius to have a category for each day, and you're a dynamo to actually blog something for each one!
leila at cwnews dot com

Patty said...

"Petunia" looks fun. Thanks for a week of great giveaways!!

Skulleigh said...

The buttons! I am slain by the cute! :)

leigh dot cain at gmail dot com

Amy said...

I think todays assortment is the funnest yet, a bit of everything!
I hope I win!

Hope said...

That ring is the BEST color ever!

Unknown said...

You saved all the best for last! What a great batch of loot!


Anonymous said...

oh, the blue! oh, petunia! i so need this inspiring bits to be mine ... crossing fingers ... ermsmails AT yahoo DOT com

Knit - R - Done said...

I'm sad to see this week go, but at least I found some great blogs.

alexcateye @

Two Peas In a Pod said...

LOVE the ring, really you need to sell these on ETSY. And since I love buttons I have to enter this give away... Thanks!!!
Kyla in Canada
Happy Friday!!! Im feeling lucky today :)

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Another gorgeous ring and wonderful giveaway! This has been such a fun week on your blog.

alli_lucy_stitches at yahoo dot com

Cass said...

Love the ring and I love the Duck book too. Not sure if I am eligible though.
cassandra_ward at telstra dot com

Anonymous said...

wonderfull things, but i'm overseas in england so have to miss out. i just kept getting the timing wrong on this - checking before work didnt work as you hadnt posted yet!
it has been an interesting week getting to 'look inside' your cupboards at the lovely things you no longer need, but that others would find joy in owning.
rah for recycling!

Rebekah said...

That is the best ring so far. When are you going to start selling them? It is not fair to tease us.