Friday, March 14, 2008

friday = misc.

I got tagged by Rach at average jane crafter so I’m going to do 7 more random things, although I doubt you guys really want to know this much about me!

But first…I’m going to include a photo because I can’t do a post without at least one:

Ok 7 more random things:

1*Our pets found us - we didn’t plan on getting them. They are all rescues – although they were very young and don’t remember being strays so they don’t appreciate us as much as they should.

2*I have sweaty feet

3*I don’t blare my horn, or flip people off but I definitely talk/complain to myself, out loud, about what bad drivers most people are when I’m behind the wheel.

4*I want to put a sign on our front yard that tells people that we pick up after our dog on walks and that if I catch you not picking up after your dog on our lawn that I will follow you home and empty bags of excrement on your lawn & see how you like it. I would also mention that he’s a big dog & poops A LOT.

5*I wanted to be a vet when I was young. That didn't work out, but I would still like to get my wildlife rehabilitation certificate.

6*I took piano & violin lessons when I was young. And while I would be fine never picking up a violin again, I would like to have a piano again & maybe even take lessons. And this time I’d actually practice…

7*I wear gnome pj’s

This time I’m going to tag 7 other people:

pinky & boo
little acorn
mama & jack

{I think I’ve picked people who haven’t done this yet…if you did, or if you got tagged by someone else or if you just don’t want to you don’t have to!}

Should be a quiet weekend around here – I am not planning to post over the weekend, but I am planning to embroidery & thrift {as usual!}.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend…


Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Woo hoo, my first tag! Thanks, G.

That's the exciting part. The hard part will be thinking of 7 random things about myself.

Average Jane Crafter said...

Thanks for being such a good sport! I never know what to say for these things. :)

The picture of the cat is adorable!

Random things about your random things:

Our pets are all rescues, too. I used to think there was a sign out in the animal world that said, "If you are lonely or have a hardship of some kind, go to this house" We've had a three-legged dog, a cat with a dead tail, and a blind dog. We don't really like an animal unless it has something "wrong" with it.

I'm the worst trash talker in the car. When we sit at a stop light now, my daughter will say, "COME ON , PEOPLE!" from the back seat ... oops.

Thanks for playin'! :)

Jessie said...

I'm nothing if not random. I'll come up with seven things in no time!

Amy said...

I so agree with you about animal poop! I don't have any animals, but if I did I would clean up after them. I was in my front yard the other day and stepped in some, so sick! Then I had to drag my foot all over trying to get it off. Also at the park it bothers me. One beautiful day last summer, my 5 year old was running around barefoot and totally stepped in dog poo, it had to be the most disgusting thing. Then I had to do my best to clean it up, ugggggh!

Catalyst Of Calamity said...

Am I the only one who really wants to see those pajamas?

Thanks for the tag, I'll get right on it!

Claudia said...

i was tagged by amy, who was tagged by rach. as a result of that i double tagged you. sorry.

i totally agree with you on #4, my neighbor across the street lets her dog out and of course the dog never! poops on their lawn she poops on the next door neighbor's lawn. if she ever crosses the street and poops on our lawn i'm definitely crossing the street myself!

gina said...

You did a great job on your 7 random things Kitten!

Average Jane Crafter you are a pet saint! {and that story about your daughter made me laugh out loud!}

Can't wait to read your 7 sweetjessie!

I'm sorry that happened to your daughter Amy!

I think you are the only one lisa! But just in case there are any other interested parties I believe my sis got them at Target, but I see they are out of stock {link} I did a quick search on ebay and there were some hits, including the sheets {which at one point I did see at Target & almost bought but then thought it might be overkill - plus the guy has said that sometimes he wakes up, looks and there's one right in his face just watching him & it sort of freaks him out!}

Thanks for tagging me Stitchado - I'm flattered but there is no way I'm doing 21 {in total} random things about myself. But how about one just for you...I can't leave a live worm on a cement surface. If I'm on a walk & its rained recently and the worms have tried to escape the saturated dirt only to find themselves stranded on cement I pick them up and put them someplace nice. I wonder what people must think when they see me!

Drewzel said...

I'm a sweaty footer too...I hate having hot feet and hardly ever wear closed shoes! :P

Claudia said...

hi g,

don't worry i didn't expect you to do more, but thanks so much for doing one more just me, i'm quiet flattered. this has been a lot of fun reading everyone's lists, i'll definitely been linking to some new blogs.


kim said...

I heard a saying once that said, "Anyone driving faster than me is an idiot and anyone driving slower than me is a moron!" Thought you might enjoy that. I can't imagine what you might say about the drivers here in Korea! Anyway,I appreciate that your pets are rescues - there are far too many little angels that need a home. Oh yeah, FYI - I have sweaty feet.

bettyninja said...

All my critters are rescued too. Assorted backgrounds, different states.

Cass said...

I haven't commented here before but just wanted to say I do the exact same thing as No. 3, I don't have a dog but want the same sign on our front lawn (no.4) and I wanted to be a vet too (no. 5)