Wednesday, February 20, 2008

wednesday = books

Today’s book is:

Title: Painting Patterns for Home Decorators {Combined books 1 & 2}
Author: Ruth Wyeth Spears
Illustrator: Ruth Wyeth Spears {I think}
Publisher: Bonanaza Books
Copyright: MCMXLVII

I remember my aunt went through a phase in the 70’s when she would paint anything that wasn’t nailed down. And the style was very much like what is represented in this book. My mom still has a painted cutting board and spoon in the kitchen I think.

The book is entirely illustrated which I think makes the applications for the designs unlimited. They would look great silk screened – in fact there are a couple color pages and they look like they might have originally been done as silk screens.

And of course, they would be great embroidered, especially this ship!

Hint: if you’re interested in actually owning this book I would suggest you take a look on ebay {wink} there might be one available {but its buy it now so hurry!}

Tomorrow I’ve got a Walkers transfer for you, so see you here then!


bettyninja said...

Interesting books. I find that crafts from the 70's are really fun. That would make an interesting blog week over at one of our blogs...all 70's craft finds...I'll see if I can scrounge up enough this summer to do that sometime

kim said...

Oh my goodness, my mother had the same book!! I am sure she did some of the painting also but I can't seem to remember what....I will have to ask her. By the way, I am really enjoying your blog - just came upon it the other day.

BlackPowerCutie said...

I love your blog! I love to design stuff on my spare time too!

It's nice to meet you! How did you find out about this website?