Wednesday, February 13, 2008

wednesday = books

Its Wednesday already which means its time to share some books – this is a portion of the doe-c-doe library {I’m very embarrassed that it looks so messy but I’ve run out of room and have started putting new acquisition anywhere they fit}:

I find it very difficult to get rid of books. I’ve got Tupperware bins of them stored under the guest room bed right now that I probably should part with. However, when most of your library is thrifted its hard to imagine you might ever come by that specific book again & so it makes cleansing more difficult {at least for pack-ratty me}!

Enough of my issues, you came here for books & yesterday I promised embroidery & coloring books and here they are:

Title: The Creative Art of Embroidery
Author: Barbara Snook
Publisher: Hamlyn
Copyright: 1972

This book reviews the history of embroidery first and then moves into technique & projects. {It seems I paid $1.99 for it, since that’s what’s written on the inside – although I don’t recall where or when I picked this up.}

{I love how these trees are created with horizontal stitches!}

I’m an Aries, plus my name begins with G – so I was taken with this one:

{Although I could do without that shape under the goat that makes it look like his intestines have fallen out!}

There are more scans on my flickr - including full instructions for a runner project.

The last coloring book images seemed to be very well received so I thought since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day I’d do extra scans this week just for you.

Title: All Abroad Coloring Book
Publisher: Western Publishing Co. Inc.
Illustrator: Not provided

The demonic Bunny Puppeteer is my favorite! {there are a couple more on flickr if you're interested }

Well, hope you enjoyed that. Tomorrow is embroidery day & although its late {I’m such a loser for not giving it to you last week –sorry!} I’ve got a love related design to share, plus a finished project to show – later gator!


Jessie said...

I need to hear more about those paint by numbers back there! (I'll show you mine if you show me yours).

Anonymous said...

hi there! just found you through 'print and pattern.'
love your style and stash of great embroidery books!

sweetlifeinthevalley said...

My Grandma had this coloring book when I was little. She saved it and traced the pictures for flannel boards for us to play with.

Leslie said...

I'm kind of freaking out, because I'm certain I had that coloring book when I was a kid!! (I live in Western Publishing country, so that sort of thing was commonplace back then.) I wonder if my mom still has it in her basement somewhere! I'll bet she does!

I just found your blog and love it!