Tuesday, February 5, 2008

tuesday = fabric

My weekly posting schedule has been such a lifesaver for me. So for fabric day I’m going to show a linen towel I thrifted this past summer at an estate sale that is all about the days of the week. {I believe it was $2.}

At the bottom it says “Mondays Child by Ulster – Made in Ireland”. At least I think it says Ulster…{If you know anything about who made or illustrated this please let me know, I haven't had time to do any research yet on it.}

I was born on a Friday – not sure about yourself, check here.

They just make me grin - they’re so adorable! {I’m just showing a couple here, the rest are on flickr}

{Please forgive the wonky scans – this one gave me some trouble, sliding around}

Saturday I started the embroidery portion of a new project and I thought to take a photo to show you…

See you tomorrow for book day!

p.s. You have to check this out… tie one on polka dotted lovelies !