Saturday, February 2, 2008

neat things

Today I thought I’d share some links of things I’ve stumbled across lately that I thought were neato:

Liquid Paper
How about orange
little red caboose
house on hill road
Marmee Craft
house wren studio
a little hut
heather bailey
anna marie horner
inside a black apple
blue berry bandit
apple & eve

That was fun…I might start doing it more often!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend…


Anonymous said...

Oh Gina, My son could use that horse!! He is going to start teaching a unit on the Trojan War. I told him he needed a Trojan Horse!!

Eva said...

Thank You for "finding" my blog!:)

charlotte said...

thanks for finding me too!

Anonymous said...

I have a little horse just like that too! I got mine from a tag sale I think but I love it :)

bettyninja said...

I love the photos of your little collections!

Anonymous said...

wonderful "neat" things! the link list was fun, i've had a chance to click on a few already and will come back and see what other things you've found. thanks for sharing that!