Wednesday, January 30, 2008

wednesday = books

First, a pet photo. The boy cat’s whiskers are particularly photogenic I think.

Okay, its book day today isn’t it? I didn’t forget…

Title: Things to Make for Children
Author: the Editorial Staffs of Sunset Books & Sunset Magazine
Copyright: Copyright 1961 {mine is Third printing December 1962}

There’s a lot of stuff packed into this book. Some of the projects are quick and easy, some are more complicated and require the use of power tools.

I know a lot of families were looking for alternatives to the plastic toys made in China this past xmas and I think there are a lot of great ideas here for gifts to make for children. I hope if you find this book interesting that you’re able to find a copy in time for Dec. 2008…

Speaking of Xmas 2008, I had an idea the other day…I think I’m going to do Xmas in July at the blog! For the month of July I will feature holiday themed books and crafts and such. I need to get an earlier start this year…not exactly July, but maybe Oct. This might help me get that gathering phase done ahead of time so come Oct. 1st I can get right to it and actually accomplish something.

What do you think, brilliant or insanity?!


Claire said...

I think it's a great idea, but depending on what you want to get done, I would start in September - I started late October and still didn't get ha;f of what I wanted to do finished. Love the book by the way x

Patty said...

I think Xmas in July is a great idea! And, I love this book too. I'm ready to turn my bookcase into a doll house.