Thursday, January 10, 2008

thursday = embroidery

Well here we are at my second embroidery post…its been a week now and I’m still settling into this blog space, unpacking virtual boxes and rearranging the virtual furniture, if you will. I'm not quite comfortable yet with my "voice" here, but I doubt I ever will be. I don't know how some people do it - write so beautifully on their blogs, creating an emotion through their words that touches the reader at their core. I wish there was a pill I could take...sigh.

As I mentioned in my introductory post last week, one of my goals for this year is to digitize my embroidery transfer collection and since I’m scanning them for that anyhow I thought I would post something about them here as well. Plus, I know from experience that it’s nice to be armed with reference #’s or images when you’re searching for something.

Floresita is definitely my inspiration for even attempting this! I know I’ve referenced her transfer blog often myself and her generosity in making it available to anyone for free makes her such a great role model. Like her, I do not wish to tread on anyone’s copyright or become the focus of any legal action so I’m going to be very careful before posting any patterns here. So, when something isn’t copyrighted or the company is no longer in business I will provide the cover image and one sample for anyone who stumbles in here. However, I would appreciate it if people didn’t use the samples to make things that they then sell – if I see that someone is taking advantage I’ll continue to scan covers but I won’t provide a sample. Now that that’s out of the way here you go:

{If you click on the image you should get a larger version you can save to your desktop – I will also post this in the flickr embroidery group}

I have several of this type of transfer and think their animal illustrations are really cute. I don’t know who manufactured them, there’s no information on my original copy. If you make something with the chick please let me know. I toyed with the idea of posting a stitched example with each one but then I came to my senses, stopped drinking that second glass of wine & went to bed.

And even though I know you came for that, here’s a {bad} photo of the pillow I made last year for my mom. She and my Dad met roller-skating and she’s done it all her life. We even celebrated her 80th birthday at a Roller-Rink! The transfers are from Sublime Stitching.

Now if my sister would just get me photos of her embroidered birthday present I can post those next week {hint, hint}!


bettyninja said...

I love Sublime Stitching stuff and I've been wanting to try out the roller derby transfer. Yours came out wonderful. I was thinking of using the derby girl for details on a hat. But first I would have to make the hat.

Patty said...

I think your pillow is great! And, thank you so much for sharing your patterns. The chick is cute!

jen v said...

i really want to learn how to embroider. thanks for the great pattern. i think your roller rink pillow is great and what thoughtful gift.