Friday, January 4, 2008

friday = pets

This is the boy cat - he:

• doesn’t use the litter box properly {can’t figure out how to consistently cover things!}
• has 3 extra toes on each front foot and one extra toe on each back foot
• when he gets hungry he comes to wherever you are and starts to do things he knows are bad to get your attention
• purrs at the slightest touch
• is always trying to get outside although he is an indoor cat
• has beautiful, really big eyes
• is cursed with a high cuddly factor which requires he be picked up frequently, much to his annoyance
• makes this weird noise when he watches birds
• is the best boy cat and I love him despite his faults!

Hope you have a nice weekend!

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Alyssa Thomas said...

Love your embroidery pics and your blog banner. Can't wait to see more work.